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A Small Town Called Enterprise--Cahpter 1
It was a wonderful night in the small town called Enterprise. Wonderful for staying out late, that is!
At least, James thought so. Which was why he'd done exactly that. It was now past midnight, and he was still out with a girl in spite of the fact that it was Wednesday night. In spite of Leonard's attempts at a curfew, James pretty much came and went as he wished. It wasn't as though Enterprise was crime-ridden or anything. If anything, it was one of the safer towns, save the few crime-ridden areas around the edges. However, he was sensible enough to not go there. He simply did his homework at the local Diner and drove through the town with the girl of the night.
Yes, the girl of the night. James had nearly unlimited charm, and combined with his fondness for girls and his tendency to flirt meant that he had had a steady supply of girlfriends. However, he had yet to find a girl with whom he'd been able to stay with more than three months. For some reason, he (and she, whoever she happe
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Lex Conway by Zelda12343 Lex Conway :iconzelda12343:Zelda12343 1 0 X-Women Elements by Zelda12343 X-Women Elements :iconzelda12343:Zelda12343 5 3 Zelink in Skyward Sword by Zelda12343 Zelink in Skyward Sword :iconzelda12343:Zelda12343 24 7
"Hey, Zelda!"
Zelda looked up to see Green walking towards her cheerfully.
"Do you want to stroll through the garden with me?" he asked as soon as he got close enough.
"Hey, Zelda!"
She turned around to see Red coming from the opposite direction holding a bouquet of flowers. He thrust it into her arms with a winning smile.
"Th-thanks, Red…" she smiled weakly, a little taken aback by this sudden display of affection.
Blue appeared from behind her.
"Come spar with me!" he cried, grabbing her free hand and pulling her off the bench she had formerly been sitting on. "I don't know a better way to spend time with you!"
"Oh dear…" she trailed off. She was terrible at making choices.
"Zelda. Exactly who I was looking for."
Vio. Of course. Since three of the Links were already there, it would only stand to reason that the fourth was just behind them.
"I assume you would enjoy accompanying me to the library," he said in his eternally calm tone. "We have a great deal
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Harry Potter Chibis Set 2 by Zelda12343 Harry Potter Chibis Set 2 :iconzelda12343:Zelda12343 14 3 Phantom Hourglass Chibis by Zelda12343 Phantom Hourglass Chibis :iconzelda12343:Zelda12343 8 2
SSBBE: The Ending of Subspace
Link sighed and turned to face everyone.
Subspace was collapsing around them. All of the others, even Master Hand and Crazy Hand, were looking around. For after all, when Subspace would collapse, it would take them with it.
Finally, Pit spoke.
"Link, what did you mean earlier?"
Link sighed and tried not to look at his younger friend when he started talking.
"We're all stuck in Subspace. It collapses, we're all dead. And worst of all, Tabuu made it out."
"And took a substantial chunk of us with it," Pit muttered darkly, examining his right wing, which had been crushed. It now looked like a bloody mess, but fortunately, in Subspace, their nerves were deadened and the brawlers felt nothing.
"Is there no way to save ourselves?" asked Jigglypuff.
"Yes, there's one," Zelda replied.
"No!" Link cried. She turned to face him, and all the others as well. Link drew his sword angrily, because that's the worst he could do to her, really.
"Don't you see? I'll die anyway! We all will! If I don't do t
:iconzelda12343:Zelda12343 3 7
Not your enemy
"I never thought that Matthew, of all people..." Arthur trailed off as he looked helplessly at Francis, Yao, and Alfred. The four were seated around the square table in their small cottage.
For the past few hours, even though they agreed that they'd try to get stronger for the next confrontation for the most recently infected country, no one had really done much except talk amongst themselves. Alfred could feel himself growing exhausted with Arthur's endless laments that Matthew, of all people, didn't deserve the fate he'd received. Being a rather hyper individual, Alfred knew he had to burn off the pent-up energy inside him before he totally flipped. Finally, after waiting for Arthur to stare off into space once more, he stood up and walked off. Francis and Yao didn't object, mainly because Francis was pondering how sexy he looked wearing nothing but a rose, while Yao was at least attempting to be a loyal friend to Arthur.
"I hope Matthew snaps out of it on his own," Arthur mumbled.
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Battle Royale: Roster WIP by Zelda12343 Battle Royale: Roster WIP :iconzelda12343:Zelda12343 5 6 SSBB: Battle Royale by Zelda12343 SSBB: Battle Royale :iconzelda12343:Zelda12343 2 6 Pit by Zelda12343 Pit :iconzelda12343:Zelda12343 27 14 Saeko K. by Zelda12343 Saeko K. :iconzelda12343:Zelda12343 2 0 A slight wardrobe malfunction by Zelda12343 A slight wardrobe malfunction :iconzelda12343:Zelda12343 12 10 Four Swords Four Shadows Intro by Zelda12343 Four Swords Four Shadows Intro :iconzelda12343:Zelda12343 3 5
Random +and blank+ meme
Write Down Ten Random Characters!
Seven kidnaps Two and demands something from Five for Two's release. What is it?
Four invites Three and Eight to dinner at their own house. What happens?
You need to stay at a friend's house for a night. Whose house, One or Six?
Two and Seven are making out when Ten walks in. Ten's reaction?
Three falls in love with Six. Eight is jealous.What happens?
Four jumps you in a dark alleyway. Who rescues you, two, ten or seven?
One decides to start a cooking show. Fifteen minutes later, what happens?
Three has to marry either Eight, Four, or Nine. Who do they choose?
Everyone gangs up on Three. Does Three stand a chance?
Everyone is invited to Two and Seven's wedding except for Eight. How does Eight react?
Why is Six afraid of Seven?
What anime would be Eight's favorite?
Nine arrives late for Two and Seven's wedding. What happens and why were they late?
Five and Nine get drunk and end up at your house. What happens?
Nine murders Two's best friend (Has to be s
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Random Favourites

Everybody Lives by xxmihoxx Everybody Lives :iconxxmihoxx:xxmihoxx 82 23 Rose Tyler - 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Poster by feel-inspired Rose Tyler - 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Poster :iconfeel-inspired:feel-inspired 60 30 Wendy's wedding - Edit by Lowenael Wendy's wedding - Edit :iconlowenael:Lowenael 269 30 Lost of innocence by Lowenael Lost of innocence :iconlowenael:Lowenael 1,082 58 50th Anniversary by GoldenTea 50th Anniversary :icongoldentea:GoldenTea 406 25 They Taught Him by killashandra-falta They Taught Him :iconkillashandra-falta:killashandra-falta 184 31 Doctor Who by 3712 Doctor Who :icon3712:3712 51 6 Cutest Zelda Character of all by Sage-of-Winds Cutest Zelda Character of all :iconsage-of-winds:Sage-of-Winds 161 71 Remember the Shippy Dalek? by oboe-wan Remember the Shippy Dalek? :iconoboe-wan:oboe-wan 468 106 Drive-Thru at the Chippy Dippy by Son-Neko Drive-Thru at the Chippy Dippy :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 385 70 That One? by Son-Neko That One? :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 368 27 It's all about perspective by Son-Neko It's all about perspective :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 426 41 Team TARDIS by ACollinsVampire Team TARDIS :iconacollinsvampire:ACollinsVampire 75 15 Oh Come on Rose by Son-Neko Oh Come on Rose :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 376 66 I Will Be Here Still by Abboz I Will Be Here Still :iconabboz:Abboz 341 186



Does anyone have advice on where I should post a contest to get the most entrants? Should it be on my journal, in my group, or what? Idk what the prize should be tho… any advice on that? Thanks :)


Please, call me Zell
I cannot draw to save my life. Seriously. I suck. I mainly joined DA to comment, to be honest. However, I can write well. That I'm proud of.
And I can use bases and avatar-creator sites very well. That'll be the main body of my deviations until I improve my elementary school worthy drawing skills...
Ah well. There you have it.

Favourite genre of music: Classical, Romantic, Classic Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Soundtrack
MP3 player of choice: I-pod
Personal Quote: The more you have, the more you have to give


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